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Illegal Housing Schemes in Rawalpindi

Illegal Housing Schemes in Rawalpindi

Innocent citizens across Rawalpindi are falling prey to the empty promises of illegal housing schemes. There are numerous Illegal Housing schemes in Rawalpindi. To date, 405 such fraudulent schemes have cropped up in RDA-controlled areas of Rawalpindi City, Murree, Taxila, Gujar Khan and Kotli Sattian, deceiving homebuyers out of their life savings.

These schemes entice investors by selling fictional plots that lack the promised infrastructure and development. After money changes hands, purchasers are left with nothing but legal headaches surrounding disputed land ownership and delayed completion.

The Rawalpindi Development Authority has begun cracking down on these schemes by demolishing sales centers and filing lawsuits. However, true enforcement has been minimal due to a lack of follow-through on charges.

Of the 405 identified schemes, only 13 hold full RDA approval. Another 18 await approval, while 37 have partial approval at best. Yet the sale of phantom plots continues unabated.

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RDA’s Legal Action Against Illegal Housing Schemes in Rawalpindi

Stronger legal action and regulatory enforcement are urgently needed to curb these deceptive practices. Until then, caution is advised, as the promised plots rarely materialize. The RDA crackdown has been a start, but ending the empty promises of Rawalpindi’s illegal housing schemes will require greater public advocacy and law enforcement efforts. Only through vigilance can innocent homebuyers be protected.

Source of the article: “Illegal Housing Schemes in Rawalpindi” – Express Tribune