Citi Housing Kharian

The Gold Standard Living


Citi Housing is the most renowned housing society is now lunch in Kharian, District Gujrat. This gated community provides a perfectly safe and luxurious lifestyle in a beautiful setting. Citi Housing has been living up to its developer’s claims of offering the safest and most comfortable living with gorgeous views to the people of Kharian from the project’s official launch.

Citi Housing Kharian is a one-of-a-kind housing complex that provides residents with a full residential plan. A minimum of 40 feet wide roadways connect the gated community to a Main Boulevard. Citi Housing Kharian’s international level living quality delivers a lifestyle that will raise community standards.

Muneeb Ahmed Butt

Co-Founder / Sales Head

Citi Housing Kharian is one of the developed housing projects in Kharian. It’s Planned and designed to precision. This gated community offers a perfectly safe and luxurious lifestyle with a picturesque landscape. From commercial boulevards to residential blocks, it provides world-class healthcare facilities to international standard schools, centrally air-conditioned mosques to the excellent zoo, luxury gym & spectacular spa, exclusive movie-theater, and beautiful parks. It offers high living standards with all the modern amenities that everyone wants. This society has become the center of investor attention from its start. Because of this, many goods were bought which has developed today. So, the demand for property in the Citi Housing Kharian is increasing rapidly.

Citi Housing Jhelum
The Gold Standard Living

Features And Facilities

Citi Housing Kharian presents exclusive amenities for privileged residents across all projects. From classic architectural design of mosques to excellence in education, from immaculate security philosophy and strategy to 24/7 uninterrupted power supply, from lavish parlor to the innovative cutting edge weight reducing and body shaping fitness centers, from Inspiration of wildlife, and cinematic indulgence of world class movies to exquisite tastes of China Citi Restaurant.

Citi Housing Mosque
Classic Islamic art and architecture


The mosque is the center for all Islamic activity as it used to be in the mosques of the Prophet in Medina.

Citi Housing has built Mosques in all the Projects. These Mosques are classic pieces of Islamic art and architecture. The mosque’s interior is brilliantly outstanding with breathtaking views representing the fusion of traditional Islamic architecture with Pakistani culture. 

Building character & grooming leaders of future


Education is a very vital tool that is used in the contemporary world to succeed. It is important because it is used to mitigate most of the challenges faced in life.

Citi Housing targets building character in the personality of the future leaders. For this purpose, Citi housing has painstakingly designed school setup and collected finest team of educationists to focus on Excellence in Education.

Citi Housing School
Citi Housing Security
Integration of electronic & physical security measures


It is essential that residents and businesses have the right level of security to ensure they are free from the threat of danger. Citi Housing’s is committed to providing a full security service ranging from static-guarding, access control, key-holding Response, mobile-patrols, Citi risk-management, electronic-security systems and emergency response management. 

Uninterrupted power supply to every household


Citi Housing’s power generation supported by state-of-the-art underground cables network is meant to ensure uninterrupted power supply to every household, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The amenity offers comfortable lifestyle where residents can enjoy every season and every moment of their life to the fullest.

Citi Housing Power Supply
Have a really good time shopping at Citi MART


Citi MART is a multipurpose shopping mart that matches the core standards enjoyed only in the best Malls. MART has added a completely new flavor to shopping for its buyers. Retail store ostentatiously displays the great range and diversity of products to cater for needs of wide range of clientele. For Citi residents and surrounding community it extends privileged reach to the best products at right price.

Experience extensive range of fun and amusement


Each projects of Citi Housing is home to a theme park besides other attractions. Residents and visitors to these attractions have a wide variety of choices for fun and amusement. In addition to offering the usual amusement park attractions, Citi’s parks typically have themed areas and merchandise as well as costumed characters available for pictures and signatures. Citi theme parks features an extensive range of thrilling and exciting rides ever witnessed in Pakistan. 

Citi Housing Power Supply

With architecture reflecting the adventures, visitors dive into the an enjoyment voyage, with electrifying trains, grand castles, swings, different rides, bumper cars, top-class restaurants and much more.

Thrill rides: These are with excessive spinning and drops from considerable heights

Children’s attractions: Citi parks have areas designed for children who aren’t ready for more thrill rides. These rides are miniaturized versions of bigger rides, like very small Ferris wheels, Coffee Cup Rides or simulate something adults get to do.

Family rides: These rides are for visitors of all ages, and entire families can ride them together. It includes boat rides, bumper cars, swings and Ferris wheels

Who’s it for?

Families with Smaller Children: Citi Theme Parks have more spaces for children to play as well as rides suitable for younger guests. Whether it’s for a long vacation or a day trip, amusement parks are good choices for families because the parks have a wide variety of attractions

Retirees: Whether on their own or with grandchildren, the 65+ crowd will find much to enjoy at amusement parks, including live entertainment, artisan demonstrations and animal attractions.

Thrill Seekers: Anyone who loves the feel of zero-gravity that accompanies the twists and turns of roller coasters will enjoys the more extreme rides at amusement parks.