Kingdom Valley – Islamabad

A Project of Kingdom Group

Kingdom Valley - Islamabad

Kingdom valley Islamabad is a contemporary housing society developing adjacent to Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The location is near New Islamabad International Airport and just 15 minutes away from the Srinagar Highway (Kashmir Highway).

Kingdom Group’s flagship project in Kingdom Valley. Raising the Kingdom Valley is the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme. The developers strive to give exceptional knowledge and service at reasonable costs.

APPROVED BY: Government of Punjab

Approval Number: DRG/PHATA/2176-2021


Kingdom Valley Park
Kingdom Valley - Islamabad

Salient Features

A talented team of developers is constructing Kingdom Valley’s Islamabad community. The foundation incorporates everything from current architecture to convenience. The designers have made a conscious effort to ensure that the tenants have accessibility to all contemporary and enjoyable facilities. The Kingdom Group has gone beyond taking care of tenants’ needs. Everything from water demands to facilities has been taken care of. To secure the inhabitant’s safety, the community will be surrounded by an outer wall outfitted with a dependable system. Finally, the roads and buildings are constructed with expertise and elevated instruments to ensure smooth development.

Grand Mosque

Spiritual attachment is a necessary component of every person’s life. Additionally, this real estate development provides inhabitants with beautiful and vast mosques in which to pray calmly. Each block contains a tiny mosque, whereas a large mosque is located at the heart of the society. The mosque is an architectural marvel that can accommodate a large number of worshippers simultaneously.

Secure & Gated Community

Kingdom Valley Islamabad is a fully gated and secure community bounded on all sides by a boundary wall. Additionally, it is a beautiful, well-equipped, safe, and secure neighborhood that allows members to live in a family-friendly setting. The developer ensures that security guards and CCTV video are available to ensure the residential scheme’s security.

Educational Institutes

It provides an appropriate and excellent curriculum close to the resident. Residents will profit from the opportunity due to its proximity. The projects include the Global School System, Superior College of Girls Chakri Campus, and Usman Institute of Higher Studies.

Theme Park

Adults and children alike require recreational activities and enjoyment. Additionally, this cheap housing organization boasts a resident-only theme park. The theme park features thrilling rides, swings, slides, and a variety of other enjoyable recreational activities.

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