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Citi Housing Jhelum Theme Park

Citi Housing Jhelum Theme Park Opening on March 31st, 2023

Citi Housing Jhelum Theme Park is all set to open its gates on March 31st, 2023. It is the only theme park in Jhelum and the most renowned one as well. The theme park had been closed for some time due to the installation of new rides to enhance the visitor’s experience.


Citi Housing Jhelum is a housing society with NOC certification, offering numerous benefits to its residents. These include well-maintained parks, proximity to a zoo, easy access to educational institutions, and top-quality healthcare facilities. The society also boasts a commercial hub and a gated community, making it an attractive option for those seeking luxury living with practicality. The residents’ safety is ensured with round-the-clock security and access to essential utilities like water, gas, electricity, and sanitation services. Citi Housing Jhelum is a preferred choice for individuals seeking to invest in Jhelum and enjoy a luxurious lifestyle with all the necessary amenities.

Citi Housing Jhelum is a prestigious housing society that offers a luxurious lifestyle to its residents. The society provides an array of benefits, including beautiful Citi Housing Jhelum Theme Park, a nearby zoo, and access to top-quality healthcare and educational institutions. The commercial hub within the society offers numerous shopping and dining options, making it a convenient and practical place to live.

Citi Housing Jhelum’s gated community provides residents with round-the-clock security, ensuring their safety and peace of mind. The society also offers all essential utilities such as water, gas, electricity, and sanitation services, making life hassle-free for its residents. The combination of lavish living and practical amenities makes Citi Housing Jhelum the ideal choice for those who want to experience a luxurious lifestyle while also having all the necessary facilities at their doorstep. With its NOC certification and prime location, Citi Housing Jhelum is the perfect investment opportunity for those who wish to live a comfortable and elegant lifestyle.

Citi Housing Jhelum Theme Park

The theme park consists of 190 Kanal and offers a wide range of thrilling rides, family-friendly attractions, and mesmerizing views. One of the main attractions of the park is the amazing Big Round Ferris Wheel that provides visitors with a bird’s eye view of the entire park and its surroundings.

Apart from thrilling rides, Citi Housing Jhelum Theme Park also includes a BBQ Area and Fast Food outlets to cater to the visitor’s hunger needs. The park has been designed to provide a fun-filled experience for visitors of all ages.

The Citi Housing Jhelum Theme Park is a great place to spend a day with family and friends. Visitors can enjoy the exciting rides, indulge in delicious food, and take in the mesmerizing views of the surrounding areas. The park’s management has taken all necessary measures to ensure the safety of visitors, including regular sanitization of the rides and social distancing protocols.

The park’s opening is great news for residents of Jhelum and neighboring areas, who can now enjoy a fun day out without having to travel long distances to visit a theme park. The Citi Housing Jhelum Theme Park has something for everyone, from adrenaline junkies to families with young children.

The Citi Housing Jhelum Theme Park’s reopening on March 31st, 2023, is an exciting development for the residents of Jhelum and the surrounding areas. The park’s range of rides, attractions, and amenities makes it a must-visit destination for anyone looking for a fun-filled day out. Visitors can enjoy the park’s thrilling rides, mesmerizing views, and delicious food from the BBQ and Fast Food outlets.


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